Glossary of ingredients:

All the information about the benefits of our products and the raw materials we use are taken from books, books, courses and research on this subject. But this should by no means be taken as medical advice. If you have dermatological problems always consult a specialist.
-Hyaluronic acid (Sodium hyaluronate) : This top-of-the-range active ingredient which is present in many of our formulations is very effective for various skin problems. Ideal for moisturizing and "plumping up" the skin, it has become an essential ingredient in lifting and tightening treatments. Very moisturizing and very well tolerated by the skin. To reduce wrinkles, fine lines, dehydrated and mature skin.
-Fruit acid: Very powerful active ingredients which make it possible to make new skin in cosmetics used to improve the epidermis, used to improve skin hydration in the care of dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines, skin with imperfections, oily skin and uneven skin tone.
-Green tea extract: An exceptional active ingredient! Its astringent and softening effect is highly appreciated for facial care, especially for combination and sensitive skin. Soothing , known to calm inflammation.
-Rice powder: Obtained from brown rice grains, with its mattifying effect on the skin, it reduces the greasy feel .
- Arrowroot starch: Known as Arrow root, this very fine starch is used, among other things, as a mattifying agent for combination and oily skin. It brings a soft and silky feel to cosmetics and also helps reduce the greasy feel in different formulations.
- Salicylic acid: This black willow bark extract highly concentrated in salicylic acid is a very powerful ally in formulations for oily, dull or acne-prone skin. Purifying and keratolytic, smoothes imperfections, stimulates skin renewal and fights against blackheads. Salicylic acid stimulates cell turnover, improving the overall appearance of the skin, to help reduce skin spots and treat wrinkles, fine lines and irregularities.
-Urea: Urea is a compound naturally present in the body , where it comes from the metabolism of amino acids. Widely used in cosmetics, known for its intense moisturizing properties and its keratolytic effect. Useful for promoting the elimination of scales and restoring suppleness and softness to very dry, rough or scaly skin and restoring radiance to the complexion.
-Vitamin C: Antioxidant, vitamin C visibly improves the appearance of mature skin and thus promotes elasticity by stimulating the production of collagen. Also used in hyperpigmentation treatments (age spots, lightening treatments, complexion radiance, anti-spots, etc.)
- Colloidal oatmeal: A very popular cereal with a thousand virtues, rich in soothing active ingredients, antioxidants and nutrients, oatmeal powder is also an ally preferably in cosmetics, for sensitive or atopic-prone skin.
- Vegetable collagen: Collagen is here structural protein most abundant in mammals. He forms the matrix of connective tissues , therefore the skin , to which it gives its volume and its resistance . C et active is a natural extract composed of glycoproteins so the properties are similar to those of collagen naturally present in the dermis. Very useful and effective active ingredient to protect, soften and smooth all skin types, dry, dehydrated, mature skin.
- Silk Peptides: Enhances and maintains skin hydration, gives a very soft and supple feel to the skin. Penetrates the hair cuticle and the upper layers of the epidermis. Favors water retention and prevents dryness , while providing softness and satin feel to hair and skin.
-AHA Fruit Acids: The term AHA refers to alpha hydroxy acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). These are carboxylic acids, derived primarily from fruit sugars. The main fruit acids are lactic, malic, glycolic, citric and tartaric acids. This very powerful active ingredient literally allows you to have a new skin. With its action on cell renewal, AHAs are used in cosmetics as an active ingredient to smooth wrinkles, even out and lighten the complexion, fade pigment spots and skin irregularities.
- Allantoin: Is one of the active principles of the roots of comfrey (regenerative and very healing plant). Naturally hydrates and produces keratin, and repairs the skin to help it heal and make it softer.
-Aloe gel:This plant was already included in the oldest medical treatises for its many medical and cosmetic benefits. A plant well known to all, Aloe vera or Aloe barbadensis is a plant that has prickly leaves with a tough appearance from which its transparent pulp is obtained: gel or Aloe vera juice. Rich in vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and enzymes, Aloe vera gel brings extraordinary virtues to the skin. Regenerating, soothing, thirst-quenching and nutritious ... Ingredient of choice to revitalize and beautify all skin types, mature, dull, dry, sensitive skin and skin with imperfections.
-Coco silicone: This emollient of natural origin is an ideal substitute for synthetic silicones, bringing an evanescent touch and a perfect glide. Emollient, leaves the skin supple and soft, penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film.
-Coconut milk: Coconut milk powder concentrates all the virtues of coconut milk, rich in minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, ideal for revitalizing all skin types.
-Avocado Butter: An exceptional nourishing and exotic active ingredient, avocado butter is indicated for dry, mature, dehydrated, damaged and sensitive skin. Rich in natural antioxidants, soothes and regenerates.
-Oat Butter: Very useful for products designed for baby care and sensitive skin. Oat butter is exceptionally rich in ceramides and phytosterols, soothing, protective and softening.
-Aloe Butter: Soft and creamy, this butter rich in vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and amino acids, has extraordinary virtues for the epidermis. This plant has long been known in the oldest medical treatises for its many medical and cosmetic properties.
- Cocoa: With its chocolate aroma, cocoa offers many benefits, rich and ultra nourishing, ideal for softening and softening rough and very dry skin for its fatty acid composition. Protective, soothing and restorative.
-Carrot Butter: Carrot oil is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins B, C, D and E and essential fatty acids. This ultra-rich butter improves the hydration and the smooth texture of the skin, excellent in massage or integrated into cosmetic formulas.
-Calendula Butter: Ideal for care for dry and damaged skin, Calendula butter (Calendula has long been known as: nature's first aid), is traditionally used in the treatment of minor skin irritations such as cuts and burns.
-Chamomile Butter: With its soothing aroma, this butter containing high levels of lecithin and vitamin E, is ideal for moisturizing and softening the skin.
- Hemp Seed Butter: Derived from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), is one of the most nutritious seeds in the world containing all 21 known amino acids. Absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling, known to restore softness and elasticity to the skin, revitalize dry and mature skin and fight against dehydration.
- Mango Butter: With its exotic touch, this butter has nourishing and softening properties. Rich in antioxidants , protects the skin from the signs of premature aging. Dry, devitalised, dehydrated, sagging, mature and dry-prone skin.
-Shea: Soothing action, calms and relieves tight skin. Deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin. Skin regenerator, revitalizes and restores elasticity to the skin. Indicated for all skin types, irritations, lips and dry areas of the face and body. Hands of manual workers exposed to frequent washing (various trades)
-Kokum: Rare and exotic, this nourishing and protective butter regenerates and restores tone to dry and tired, normal to dry and mature skin.
-Olive Butter: Very rich in vitamins and a wide variety of nourishing fatty acids. Helps rehydrate dry or, more specifically, mature skin and hair.
-Argan Oil: This oil from Morocco is famous, well known and used for its regenerating and restructuring properties. Containing antioxidants, this oil is an ideal active ingredient in cosmetics or used as is against the signs of skin aging, restoring suppleness to the driest skin lacking in softness.
-Avocado oil: Calming and restorative , avocado oil is a wonderful ingredient for skin prone to discomfort, then it also helps fight against stretch marks, nourishes the skin and protects against external aggressions (cold, wind, pollution, etc.) . Softening and protective, it restores elasticity and more comfort to the epidermis and takes good care of delicate skin. Used for sensitive skin, dry and mature skin.
- Oat Oil: An essential ingredient in the care of the most delicate and sensitive skin, with its soft touch, this oil with its characteristic sweet smell of cereals, brings its own touch to cosmetic formulations. Very rich in ceramides and phytosterols, ideal for formulating moisturizing and anti-aging treatments. Soothing, protective, softening, nourishing, restorative and restructuring. Indicated for delicate, sensitive, reactive, mature, devitalised, dry to very dry skin, as well as for after-sun care.
- Apricot oil ( Prunus armeniaca oil) : This oil with a greasy touch, regenerating, revitalizing and fights against the signs of ageing. illuminating, it gives a radiance to your skin . Toning, softening for the driest skin . Dull, tired complexions, skin without tone, devitalized and lacking in softness.
- Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis oil) : Oil with a greasy feel, with a very pleasant smell of hazelnut and almond. Known for a long time and used for its soothing and softening action for very delicate and dry skin. Also widely used to prepare nourishing treatments for all skin types, torn, uncomfortable, fragile and prone to discomfort.
-Laurel Berry Oil: This oil obtained by hot water e xtraction of the pulp of the berries with a powerful and very aromatic, peppery and fresh smell. With its purifying and restructuring properties, used to prepare treatments for skin with imperfections and scalps with dandruff. This is therefore the essential oil to make your "Aleppo" soaps. Purifies the skin, astringent, soothing and restorative, antioxidant. For acne-prone, dry and flaky skin.
-Baobab oil (Adansonia digitata oil) : Oil that penetrates quickly into the skin, with its nutty smell, soothing and recommended for calming skin prone to discomfort. Restorative , to promote tissue regeneration. Dry to very dry, tight skin. The Baobab is a mythical tree, native to Africa and the island of Madagascar .
-Borage oil ( Borago officinalis oil) : Oil with a greasy touch, highly concentrated in omega-6, with regenerating and repairing properties , calms and soothes sensitive skin prone to discomfort. Restores elasticity and tone to the skin. Mature, wrinkled, dry, sensitive, devitalized and tired skin.
- Fractionated Coconut Oil (Caprylis, Caprylic / capric triglycerides): Dry oil that penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film, very emollient softens and softens the skin, lets the skin breathe naturally.
- Camelina oil (Camelina sativa oil): Dry touch that penetrates well on the skin. Rich in Omega-3, ideal in anti-aging, soothing and revitalizing treatments for atopic-prone and sensitive skin. Regenerating and restorative action, thus rich in vitamin E and phytosterols (antioxidants), which together will fight against wrinkles and signs of skin aging.
- Hemp oil ( Cannabis sativa L. oil) : Oil with a dry touch that penetrates well into the skin. Very rich in omega-3 and omega-6, it restores softness and elasticity to the skin, ideal for revitalizing dry, mature, devitalised, tired skin and fighting against dehydration. Firming and softening, it helps maintain the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin.
-Wheat Germ Oil: Obtained by cold pressing wheat germ, this oil has the characteristic and pleasant smell of cereal. A very good source of powerful antioxidants, it is an ingredient of choice to fight against the signs of skin aging. Very useful for the care of dry, flaky or torn skin.
-Macadamia oil ( Macadamia ternifolia or Macadamia integrifolia) : Dry touch, penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film. Soothing and restorative to bring great softness to the epidermis . Nourishing and restorative. Used for the prevention and/or reduction of stretch marks and scars, combination to oily, fragile, damaged and sensitive skin.
- Coconut oil ( Cocos nucifera) : (Or coconut butter), dry to the touch, with its soft, suave and delicious smell of coconut reminiscent of vacations in the tropics! Soothing, it calms skin prone to redness. Nourishing, dry, damaged, chapped skin. Very popular in soap making thanks to its foaming and washing power in addition to bringing hardness to soaps.
- Neem oil ( Azadirachta indica oil) : Dry touch , this oil penetrates quickly and without leaving a greasy film. Originally from India and from the Ayurvedic tradition, used for its multiple properties and benefits in skin or hair care. Powerful purifier traditionally used in the care of problem skin. Care for acne-prone skin, problem skin and skin prone to irritation.
-Hazelnut Oil: Softening and balancing, this oil has a penetrating and non-greasy touch, appreciated and used to prepare treatments for oily and acne-prone skin. Non-comedogenic, it balances sebum production in oily skin.
-Virgin Olive Oil (Olea europaea): One of the best known and used in artisanal soaps, in cosmetics and also used in liniments, olive oil protects and nourishes the skin, and also provides strength and shine to the hair in hair care. Very rich in vitamin E and polyphenols, used in your preparations to fight against the signs of aging. Calming to soothe skin prone to redness and irritation. Very well tolerated by the most sensitive skin. Sensitive, scaly, reactive, mature, dry and irritated skin.
- Evening Primrose Oil ( Oenothera biennis) : Anti-aging oil par excellence, this oil is ideal for fighting the signs of skin aging and for restoring the suppleness and softness of the epidermis. Softening, revitalising, soothing, in the care of mature, wrinkled, sensitive skin, withered and dry skin.
-Grape seed ( Vitis vinifera oil) : With a high antioxidant content , this oil with a dry touch is an asset to fight against the signs of skin aging for mature and damaged skin. Also a sebum regulator for oily and combination skin, it penetrates without leaving a greasy film. Very popular in massage.
-Castor oil ( Ricinus communis) : Soothing oil for delicate skin lacking softness, restorative, purifying. Care for sensitive skin, brown spots, pregnancy mask, skin with imperfections.
- Rosehip oil ( Rosa rubiginosa) : The rosehip grows wild in America and more particularly in Chile and also in the Andes. With its exceptional richness in vitamin c, this vegetable oil is wonderful for the care of skin prone to premature aging. Regenerating and softening. Widely used for the prevention and/or care of stretch marks, for wrinkles, premature aging, age spots, atopic-prone skin, devitalized and in after-sun care.
-Rice bran oil ( Oryza sativa) : Cultivated for millennia in Asia, rice is one of the most consumed foods today throughout the world. Calming and soothing due to its richness in phytosterols and Vitamin E. In the care of mature skin, prone to discomfort, dull and asphyxiated.
-Jojoba oil: Used for dry, very dry, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, wrinkled skin and for the prevention of aging, as well as for the care of oily and combination skin. Re-balancing , it regulates sebum secretions, calming and restorative action , regenerating, used to fight against the signs of skin aging, protective, softening and softening for sensitive skin.
-Tamanu oil: Calophyllum, a tree baptized Tamanu by the Tahitians and Fohara by the Malagasy , produces an oil remarkable for its beneficial action on the skin. Very aromatic and traditionally recommended and used to soothe many dermatological conditions (such as eczema, psoriasis...). Several studies have shown that Calophylle oil has many active ingredients with antimicrobial and protective properties, which makes this oil a precious ally for skin problems . Restorative, soothing, calming and purifying.