"Always be in well-being mode", because the little moments that we offer ourselves are also filled with great happiness...

Dayana Hernandez, founder and creator of natural cosmetics at Daya Cosméti-K

Cuban dance instructor by training, in Quebec since 2010, Cuban of origin, woman, married with a Quebecer and partners in this adventure, with their best gift in life, their son, a budding teenager now... a good mix of both cultures!

When she arrived in Quebec, she found her very first job, at Walmart, where she joined her work team and it was an unforgettable experience for her, since it allowed her to improve her communication in French, but above all because she adored the humans she met there as work colleagues who allowed her to better know and interact with Quebec culture.

His arrival in Quebec was at the same time a clash between two cultures: economics, freedom of expression, temperature, food, environment, everything. And on the other hand a discovery of comparative abundance of its origins. But the lack and the distance of his Cuban family, of his origins, his culture, integration, the temperature, among others, were a turning point for a deep questioning that led him to ask himself various questions about his future, personal and professional life.

How to continue to integrate and at the same time flourish by doing things that she loves... and there you have it, creativity! This is how a new journey begins. Looking for the spark for a long time, she left her schedule and began to take more and more interest in this new hobby: the manufacture of healthy and more natural cosmetics, which quite quickly turned into a passion.

Family and friends test her recipes, soaps, creams, bath bombs, etc... Thus, to follow up on training in the manufacture of beauty, spa and body products. She decides to launch her online store www.dayacosmetik.ca in 2021, in order to sell her handmade, artisan and plant-based products. Since then, it offers a host of body and bath products for the whole family, ambiance products for their homes: ecological candles, ambient mist, among others...

All products are made by herself and by hand: from manufacturing, packaging, to labeling. She is delighted at each stage of the creation, from the choice of ingredients, the packaging, the aromas, the why of each ingredient, for whom, and until the final rendering, and that with the precious help of her husband, her son, his family and friends.

By purchasing our products you ensure:

- To have products with ecological values ​​and made with care for you

-To have simple tips and tricks to take better care of your skin and hair

-To get products designed and handcrafted right here in Quebec

- To have products for which its ingredients have been carefully chosen for each recipe

- To have products that are always fresh, because the production is done in small batches

- To find products for the whole family in the same place

- In addition, you are part of this large number of people who contribute with small daily gestures, which do good for the planet

But in addition you support a small craft and local business!


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