The maintenance of your candles in 4 steps!
Follow these simple steps to optimize the use and life of your favorite Daya Cosméti-K candles...

Daya Cosméti-K candles are thought out and designed with care to bring daily well-being and decorate your spaces. In this post we explain how to better maintain them to better enjoy these moments.

This post follows part #1. Here we explain in detail how to counter the "defects" that could arise when using your natural soy wax candles.

This is natural!

Defect: Discoloration present

Why: Soy wax is a natural ingredient that can be sensitive to many temperature variations. But do not panic, even if discoloration occurs in your candles, it does not affect the quality of combustion.

Tip and result: If this defect bothers you, save your candles at an ambient temperature between 18 and 24 °C. So your candles will keep their appearance intact.

The wells or tunnel in the center of your candle:

Fault: A pit is created in the center of the candle, which prevents all of the surrounding wax from burning, but also reduces the light produced by the flame.

Why: The candle didn't burn long enough. We mentioned it in part #1: the first ignition is the most important for your candle.

Make sure you have 2-4 hours available for your first burn. This super exciting moment is crucial for your candle because soy has a burning memory. If the first burn does not melt down to the diameter of its container, the candle may not burn properly in the future, and this results in candles tunneling through the middle of the melting container.

Tip and result: Allow your candle to burn long enough to allow the top layer to melt. This creates the memory effect which allows the uniform melting of the wax lighting after lighting. Resulting in the optimum use of your candle which tapers evenly and a visible flame.

Overheating of the bottom of your candle:

Problem : Your candle container is getting hot

Why: There is 2cm or less of wax left in your container

Tip and result: Once the remaining wax at the bottom of your container reaches 1/2″ deep, it's time to think about recycling your container. We avoid burning it further to avoid overheating, breaking the glass and above all the risk of burns.

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Remember: Always be in wellness mode...

Dayana Hdez

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