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The maintenance of your candles in 4 steps!
Follow these simple steps to optimize the use and life of your favorite Daya Cosméti-K candles...

Daya Cosméti-K candles are thought out and designed with care to bring daily well-being and decorate your spaces. In this post we explain how to better maintain them to better enjoy these moments.

1. Safety first:

. Always place your candle on a flat, heat-resistant surface. Always away from drafts, away from the reach of children, pets or anything that may be flammable.

. Use a match or a grill lighter to light your candle, it will save you from burning yourself.

. Never move or touch a lit candle at the risk of burns.

. Always read and follow the manufacturer's use and safety instructions carefully.

. Extinguish your candles if they smoke or if the flame becomes too high, and above all NEVER extinguish your candles with water or oil.

. Never leave your candle unattended.

. Recycle your candle jar once the remaining wax reaches 1/2″ deep. Burning it further could cause overheating, or glass breakage.

2. The very first burning of your candle:

This is where the fun and euphoria of all candle addicts begins! That moment when we place our candle and finally get ready to light it… phew, we've been thinking about it for so long because we'd like to keep them all intact.

Make sure you have 2-4 hours available for your first burn. This super exciting moment is crucial for your candle because soy has a burning memory. If the first burn does not melt down to the diameter of its container, the candle may not burn properly in the future, and this results in candles tunneling through the middle of the melting container.

3. Between ignition and other:

Once your candle is extinguished, allow the wax to harden and trim the wick carefully down to 1/4". Remove debris from the wick (if wooden) before each lighting.

If you spill wax on a surface, don't panic, just clean that surface with warm soapy water. The heat of the water will melt the wax, so it will be super easy to clean.

4. Soy Wax Candles Feature:

All of our candles are made with a high quality blend of natural soy and coconut wax. We do not use any additives, this means your candle may change color depending on exposure to light. Do not panic, this does not affect the performance of our candles.

Since soy is a living organism, the soy wax in your candle will continue to expand, contract and may also change its shape depending on a variety of conditions, including temperature.

It can also frost, but these so-called "defects" are simply a clear indication that you have purchased a natural soy candle.

We'll tell you about the problems we might have with soy wax candles in another post: -k-part-2

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Now that you know how to maintain and properly use your favorite candles... Make the most of your candles, either to decorate your spaces, to take advantage of these aromas to create your atmosphere at home, at the chalet, at the office, or even to offer some around you!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at:

Remember, always be in wellness mode.
Dayana Hdez

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