You know, I myself have curly and very long hair now. But I haven't always worn them like this naturally, in the last few years I've been constantly straightening them and I've also seen how they change their structure since my curls don't look like they used to.

What I do now that I didn't do less before: take good care of them and choose the right products for them, quite simply. So if you have curly hair and you like to read about it, or if you have someone in your family who also has curly hair, a friend, my aunt…stay until the end!


Our hair type is largely determined by our genes: they determine the curvature of our hair roots, as well as the shape of the shaft and the keratin fibres.

Did you know that curly, frizzy hair with its beautiful waves has up to 12 times more waves than natural straight hair. And even if they seem voluminous and robust, this type of hair is very fragile, in addition to being thinner and not very deeply implanted in the epidermis. And that's not all… Her scalp, which produces little sebum, makes her hair dry, something that does not benefit her fragility at all.

Imagine then in addition all the straightening, smoothing or even the weaving of heavy and tight braids, I think it is certainly one of the types of hair which undergo the most attacks.


The abuse of shampoos can dry out even more and also damage our mane, and this for any type of hair. So wash it less frequently and use shampoos that contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients such as vegetable oils and butters, such as cocoa, shea, Argan, avocado or even coconut oil, which is excellent for the hair, among others.

When washing, give priority to the scalp, your lengths do not need to be washed repeatedly with your shampoo, the rinse water is more than enough to eliminate impurities and know that only one shampoo is enough.

If not, you have the alternative of adopting the Co-Wash : simply wash your hair with your one-step conditioner, or instead of your shampoo (to refresh your hair), and thus avoid washing your shampoo at every day, for those who like to define their curls daily. You can also redefine your curls the next day directly with your care and water, all to avoid over-shampooing yourself repeatedly.


MOISTURIZE & NOURISH, are the words to remember for the care of curly and frizzy hair. Hydrate and nourish them constantly.


In this step we moisturize the hair after the shampoo and detangle it but always gently. Use a mask and leave on for about 30 minutes to bring softness and more suppleness to the lengths for deep care, or 5 to 10 minutes if you simply want to detangle them. Apply to still damp hair on all your lengths and ends to nourish deeply, rinse thoroughly with water ( never too hot ).

Tip : Wrap your hair in a shower cap to create a steam effect that will optimize the absorption of your moisturizer.

To untangle them always go gently, we can never say it enough. Divide your hair into two or four and detangle starting from the ends and going up little by little towards the scalp, tie the detangled part and continue so on with each part. Then apply a little of your care oil on the lengths to make it shine and promote glide.


The afro: this undoubtedly the hairstyle that will best preserve your hair, always moisturizing correctly. The hair being more well exposed to external aggressions will tend to be more dried out.

Straightening: it's no longer a secret to anyone, recurring straightening burns the hair fiber and damages the hair, having tried it myself for years and still today, I confirm it.

Braids: often tied much too tightly, they are very beautiful to look at but can cause headaches and excessive pulling on the hair roots, which can cause you to lose a few clumps of your own hair in the long run.


To you and to me: curly hair is all very beautiful and very fashionable… have fun taking good care of it and loosening it according to your preferences. Be proud, they are yours.

. Always choose a shampoo and conditioner based on ultra-nourishing active ingredients (vegetable oils and butters).

. Abuse oil baths to leave on before shampooing or overnight, or even masks to apply after shampoo.

. Always detangle the hair from the tips to the roots with a brush adapted to your hair type

. Protect them with a scarf or a satin pillowcase for sleeping to avoid tangling and breaking them

. To help dry them, use very soft and well-absorbent materials, and do not rub them, then let them air dry, or with a hair dryer, but at low temperature and with a diffuser.

There you go, if you too have curly and frizzy hair, share your tips with us!

As always, it's a pleasure to research and share it with you. Have fun trying, testing and taking care of yourself naturally! Thank you for reading and encouraging us.

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Thank you for reading us until the end and don't forget: Always be in wellness mode!

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